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          地址:Yuhua District Changsha arrived in the city of central square

          Gathering at MSNM to welcome better 2018!

          author:  Browse volume:461  發布時間:2018-08-23

          On the evening of December 24, 2017 ,the annual meeting of Myanmar South Nonferrous Metal co., LTD was grandly held in Laigu city of Keye state. Mr. He ruqiu, chairman of Hunan Global South Industrial Co., LTD, secretary of military department of Keye state, minister of commerce of Keye state, leaders of myanmar south company and all the employees gathered together for a happy reunion.


          The whole annual meeting was filled with a festive and warm atmosphere. Mr. He Ruqiu, chairman of the group, delivered a heart-warming speech, gave a comprehensive summary of the company's work in 2017, and made plans and prospects for the company's work in 2018. Encourage the company's employees to unite as one, to forge ahead.

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          The gala program was dazzling. The Chinese and Myanmar singing and dancing performances intertwined, bringing the audience a visual feast, singing, applause, and cheers rippling over the entire venue, showing the joy and harmony of the Southern Company family.461369147270533361 - 副本504080822410519421

          Myanmar Southern Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. 2017 Annual Meeting finally came to a happy termination.in a warm, , happy atmosphere, we spent an unforgettable evening in laughter . I sincerely wish the company's business in 2018 more brilliant, company colleagues work together to create more miracles!

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