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          ABOUT US

                Global South Hunan industrial limited Founded in 2016, is a collection of non-ferrous metal Tin, prospecting, gold mining is one of the large private enterprises, the company registered capital of 500 million Yuan, with total assets exceeding 5 billion yuan. Company has always been adhering to the "eco-environmental protection, health and safety, respect for values, cherish the resources, the pursuit of excellence" principle, adhere to the "pragmatic, innovative, having care, solidarity, dedication, hard work" spirit of the times, bold innovation, enterprise products with stable quality, establishing a good reputation among customers, the products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions.

                Company of development target is do special,  fine,  stronger, and bigger nonferrous metals industry, insisted to science development views for guide, around construction Tin, gold, nonferrous metals intensive development mode, within strong management, outside tree image, while through vigorously development cycle economic, strengthening resources integrated recycling using, upgrade products technology content and added value, reduced resources consumption, ensure security environmental, achieved enterprise benefits, and ecological benefits and social benefits "total win" of development pattern, efforts build a to "management scientific, and equipment modern, and Internationalization and beautiful environment of "the direction for the development, through the unremitting efforts the company built a national Nonferrous industry enterprises of the most beautiful. 


          • Rest area
          • Human Resources Department
          • Leadership Office
          • Reception area
          • Conference Room
          • Administration

          Product Center

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